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The Story of Bamboo

You may have wondered why our logo, business cards, and other Financial Cornerstone Group materials include bamboo ...Have you ever heard the story of how bamboo grows? It's a story about patience... and tenacity... and faith... and perseverance - NEVER giving up!

Something YOU can relate to and something WE can relate to.

The story goes something like this:

A farmer plants a small seed in the ground, with great anticipation of growing a magnificent Chinese Bamboo Tree.

He waters it. He fertilizes it.

At the end of the first year, he visits the spot where he planted the seed, but finds nothing.

The second year passes. The farmer waters. He fertilizes. Still nothing.

Third year, same. Water. Fertilizer. Nothing.

At the end of the fourth year - not even a sprout. Despite the ridicule from his friends, family, and fellow farmers, the farmer keeps believing... and watering... and fertilizing.

Another year passes. The end of year 5 comes, and - wait. What? Could it be? He checks to make sure he's gone back to the same exact spot where he planted the seed, but everything looks different!

Sometime during the season (in a period of about six weeks), the farmer's Chinese Bamboo Tree has grown to a height of nearly ninety feet!

Question: Did the bamboo grow ninety feet in six weeks? Or five years?

You know the answer. It was growing all along, expanding its root system under the tender loving care of a faithful farmer who was committed, hopeful, determined, and willing to diligently do the hard work that would produce this magnificent result. Had that root system not been established during those five years, there would not have been nearly enough strength to support that kind of growth.

Now, the timelines in this story don't directly correlate to the experience of being an investor. Of course you would expect to see growth and progress much earlier along the way. We share this story of encouragement because the process of planning for a bright financial future and successful retirement is not a sprint, it's a marathon. It's about being the tortoise (every time you read “The Tortoise and the Hare”, the tortoise wins!). The old cliché still holds true: slow and steady wins the race. It's about believing that the sacrifice and perseverance that go with saving, planning, choosing between needs and wants, and staying committed during both up and down markets, will be worth it, and will result in a bountiful harvest when you are finally ready to reap your harvest.

It is our sincere desire to help you stay committed, and to guide you in “watering and fertilizing” – nurturing your nest egg (financial plan) so it has the best opportunity to grow in a way that you will have much to celebrate when retirement finally arrives.