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In her leadership role with Financial Cornerstone Group (FCG), Beth Courtney believes it is very important that she and her team stay on the cutting edge of information and education to best serve all FCG clients.  In keeping with that mission, Beth is a member of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group™ - an exclusive organization of financial advisors who are dedicated to being leaders in the IRA industry. Ed Slott has created Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group™ as a single resource for serious professionals. Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisors are equipped with up-to-date tools and resources to help their clients in the areas of taxes, IRA's and estate planning.  We believe these helpful resources are both relevant and timely and will better equip you to make informed decisions on diverse financial topics.  

Who is Ed Slott?

Ed Slott is a nationally recognized IRA distribution expert, professional speaker, television personality, and best-selling author. He is known for his unparalleled ability to turn advanced tax strategies into understandable, actionable and entertaining advice. He has been named “The Best Source for IRA Advice” by The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today wrote, “It would be tough to find anyone who knows more about IRAs than CPA Slott.” []

The Benefits of Working With a Member of Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group

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