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Jim Herzog

Jim Herzog

Financial Advisor

Serving as a financial advisor has been, and still is, an enormous blessing to me. I truly love building successful financial foundations and guiding clients through our diligent planning process. This process covers all steps of planning and all relevant aspects of a family’s life. Much of my knowledge has come through years of experiences, in depth research, working with an amazing team, and my own life experiences as well as those of my clients, family, and friends. Having the expertise to uncover potential obstacles, build on what is strong, and incorporate flexibility into plans gives my clients confidence their plans are strong enough to enjoy peace of mind during the calm, as well as to withstand any storm.

As I counsel new clients, along with the good that we find, sometimes we also encounter potential issues which could create a hardship for themselves and their families if not addressed and corrected. It’s my passion, and my goal to work through these areas, create a plan, and develop strategies to improve and grow their retirement portfolio. I work tirelessly for my clients and, ultimately, my goal is to get to see them enjoy many fulfilling years in retirement which they worked so long and hard to achieve.

I surround myself with specialists who provide an extensive knowledge of the markets, the economy, social security, tax law changes, and government regulations. This collaboration allows me to stay ahead of the game, on top of current events, and create strong financial plans for my clients.

My team and I are also members of The Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA), a non-profit organization that is dedicated to educating our country about retirement planning.

Originally from Rochester, New York, I have been in the financial services industry for over 40 years. In New York, I recruited independent CPA firms wanting to help clients build and protect their assets. In 1991, I moved to Florida and started Capital Concepts, managing the financial needs of clients, many of whom were executives from Space Coast companies. My loving wife Suzanne and I are blessed with a blended family of two daughters, three sons, and ten grandchildren, as well as a large extended family and a wonderful church family that we love being with.

I invite you to discover the benefits of working with me and my team. Contact my office to learn more or to schedule a visit.